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This is our Project:

The mantra of education and the school system in Sweden has for a long time been equality, which is, furthermore manifested in the Swedish education act and the curriculum. In the development plan by the Swedish parliament it is proclaimed that the cornerstone of Swedish education and the school system is cohesiveness and unity. All children and youths are entitled to equivalent education standards and should have the same conditions for school progress.

However as ambitious and democratic as it sounds, unfortunately this is not always the case.  Students with a foreign background are often met by obstacles in school, where they are being evaluated from what knowledge they lack rather being evaluated from what capabilities and strengths they do possess.  Only 20 percent of the newly arrived youths, and youths that have been living in Sweden for the past four years, graduate with a pass in all subjects.

This is where we believe we can make a difference by creating a Study-Buddy group. We will organize a support group, in collaboration with Samarbetsorganisationen för Invandrarföreningar i Uppsala (SIU) for children of immigrants/refugee children, in order to help them with homework or other school related issues they need help with.

So far we have had two meetings with SIU and we will have a meeting this week with Lundellska skolan.

To be continued..

Sophia Eriksson, Cecilia Lindqvist, Sophie Müller,
Caroline Sahlén, Birhanu Woldegiorgis

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