The Upcycled Greenhouse

Thursday 17th March | THE TRASH[ER] HUNT

The sun is shining and livin is easy … a perfect day to start the practical part of our project. The Agenda: Take Manu’s old Volvo, add some nice music, a couple of working gloves and venture out into the fearsome industrial jungle of Boländerna on a hunt for rubbish materials later to be transformed into a functionally practical & aesthetically appealing greenhouse.Helena

The first destination seems obvious: The rubbish tip. It couldn’t start worse, however: Talking to the personnel, ready to jump into the dumpsters, we learn that, “rubbish, once in the containers, is private property” ... it would be stealing to take it out again!

We’re here on a mission, so we stop ourselves from discussing the rationale behind such a rule and swiftly move on to other hunting grounds: the lumberyard belonging to Beyers. Here our luck turns: we meet friendly personnel and plenty of wooden planks and plastic sheets that we eagerly cram into the car. Inspired by this stroke of luck, we navigate on to Bauhaus and then to IKEA - with equally fruitful results.Manu

It’s noon by now, and we are hungry and quite content with our first dumpster-diver-accomplishments, so we decide to reward ourselves with a Veggie Burger and some fries, before heading back to the Waldorf school in Hågaby, where we can store the material in an old shed. Already on our way, however, we get the sudden notion to check out a nearby window company ... more with the aim of investigating, whether they have any idea, where (if possible at all) to get hold of old windows than actually expecting to find them here. Yet, you guessed correctly: it is exactly this that happens. Innocent like the most innocent of trash collectors, content like the most content of dumpster divers, we hit the holiest of holy jackpots! Not only are the owners super friendly and interested in our project, but they have a whole container filled with old windows that they are more than happy to get rid of: “Come back anytime”, they say! And boy, do we take those words to heart: The next 3-4 hours we spend shuttling back-and-forth between the window company and our storage at Waldorf school ... high on something that might be called ‘the trash[er] hunter’s happiness’!


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