Stencil Work

During the last week we have been working on creating a prototype for the stencil we want to use when creating our "reversed graffiti". After some discussion about what material to use we finally settled for a kind of plastic sheet, approximately 2 mm thick as our material of choice. This material is sturdy enough to withstand some rough treatment from a high-pressure washer and other tools that we might use, and it is still thin enough so that we can cut into it quite easily.

After acquiring the stencil material and tools needed we sat down one night in the CEMUS library to create our prototype with the help of eight hands, a saw and a couple of beers. It took us a while to get the hang of things, but soon enough we started making some quick progress and were able to complete it in a couple of hours.

20141112_193943 20141112_213257 20141116_110643 20141116_110650During the weekend we tried the prototype out. Unfortunately we didn't have any access to a high-pressure washer so we had to do it by hand. The result was quite good, though we didn't have the optimal tools, solvant or surface. All in all, it looks really promising!

That's all for now,

The Revert Advert Team

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