Status update from LivsmeDela


So, we're continuing in our project with organizing a workshop in order to educate peers about food waste.

We decided to have the workshop at the sustainability festival instead of a separate date at the CEMUS library. The reason to this is because of limited time to plan the workshop and the interest to participate was not as high as expected. We figured the interest at the festival would be higher among the participants and it is more spontaneously to attend. We have started to write down the content and the structure of the workshop and we have defined which parts we want to include. As a teaser, we can tell you that it is going to include some handicraft! 


Also, our blog is evolving nicely and we have got some feedback from readers - so fun! One post about how to take care of over ripe tomatoes were especially popular! You can read the full post:

Bye bye food waste!

About Uppsala Food-Bank

LivsmeDela is a Student initiativ that aims to reduce food waste through the concept of sharing and community.
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