Solar Easy Kit

Solar kit in Sweden? Yes, that works even in Sweden. In nowadays technology we could harness the energy that comes form the sun to its potential, if we intend to do so.

Solar Easy Kit

We thinK that the sun is our survival path in tackling climate change consequences. We therefore want to promote this alternative among people, specially young students for there roles in the future. They could tell other friends and families and from mouth to mouth we raise awareness in the society.

As the purpose of our project is educational, we intend to make a workshop in a school where where show the student (aged 14-15 year old) our prototype and how to build a solar kit in a simple way.

So far, we got contacted with Engelska skola in Uppsala, they agree to host the workshop. They tricky part is the materials. We have been in contacts with our stakeholders to funding the elements we need to build our prototype. We have not managed to get a good deal, by we are still trying to. We are concern about the time limit, in worse case we will by the elements from the internet.

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