Mzia’s Assignment 4:The Purpose of the Psychological Picture of Actions in Project Management (Debate Article)

In order to create a data base requited for defining the essence of artificial problems and finding ways of their solution in any sphere it is necessary, and it is proven by practice, to preliminarily define the nature of man - the main causative factor - and his expected actions. This is really a guarantee for the successful implementation of any task. Implementation of the set task is possible by using empirical formulation (or already known facts). Formulation will be based on the psychological picture of actions. Here a significant fact should be noted:

Proceeding from the unique nature of men, notwithstanding the difference between their geographical location and cultural heritage, actions are similar and are repeated from one location of the development of actions to geographical locations with similar conditions. Accordingly, in similar conditions the psychological picture of the nature of men’s actions is similar.

In the process of project management it is possible and even necessary to use the above mentioned as an instrument for the preliminary definition of unforeseen events.


A question arises of where and how the fact of similarity of psychological pictures of the nature of men’s actions can be used.


To answer this question global society should be regarded as an aggregate system consisting of subsystems, where globalization “is the growing independence and integration between economies and societies around the world (Nichols, 2006).” In addition, several characteristic factors of subsystem should be singled out: location of subsystems is defined by the geographical location of the development of actions; the impact of global processes is revealed in four basic spheres: economic, social, cultural, and political; the system’s vital function is performed by man with his unique individual characteristics: Gifts, Passion and Purpose (Pollard, 2008); the psychological picture and similarity of man’s actions should be studied in economic, social, cultural and political spheres, but political factor should be attached a decisive role for a country’s vital function is performed by a healthy political environment. In practice, within the network of subsystems the process of operation of factors having an impact on a set task is characterized based on the above described characteristics, therefore the similarity of systems should also be defined by these characteristics. Proceeding from the above stated, if we know the similarity of systems’ “leverage points” or similarity of “places within a complex system (a corporation, an economy, a living body, a city, an ecosystem), where a small shift in one thing can produce big changes in everything” (Meadows, 1999), then based on the known example already realized in one geographical subsystem of global system it is possible by the method of comparison to make a preliminary estimate of the scenario of the expected development of events around the project. This will enable us to defend the interest of party in project, envisaged by us in case of its implementation.

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