How to make your own apple wine or cider!

In this blog post we will provide you with the recipes to make your own apple wine and cider.
There are several ways to do it but here is our way.
Just follow the steps below and skål 🙂
For both the cider and the wine you need apple juice.

1) press the juice out of the apples. We picked our own apples and went to a local presser.

photo 12

For the wine:
2) pour 8 L of hot water in a clean bucket and add 3.5 kg of sugar
3) let the sugar dissolve and add 2L of apple juice as flavoring
4) add 20 g of dry yeast, we used the brand Rulles (they sell it in every big Swedish supermarket)
5) add 9 L of cold water and close the bucket with a waterlock (see picture below)
6) let it ferment for three weeks
7) when it stops fermenting (no gas production anymore) shake out the CO2 several times in 30 min intervals
8) add a clearingsolution (again we used the brand Rulles, it came together with the yeast) and let it set for one week
9) taste the wine and add some sugar if it is too dry
10) divide the wine in clean glass bottles


For the cider:
The cider is a lot easier to make. Here are the steps:
2) Add 5 g of dry yeast to 2.5 L of apple juice
3) Let it ferment for three weeks and enjoy 🙂


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