Fridges are up!

So we have enabled the possibility of giving food to other peers if you're going away, bought to much or simply want to share and give some joy to other people!

We have three fridges;

Blåsenhus at the entrance from Botan.
Engelska Parken, student pentry 3-1014.
Ångström, stora lunchrummet Ång. 1K1636.

Check them out!

13177205_1564087047220032_5876200541457296861_n 13239975_1564087007220036_4275433024528576955_nEngelska Parken, student pentry 3-1014.

13244753_1564086997220037_3920947291265218184_nÅngström, stora lunchrummet Ång. 1K1636.


Blåsenhus at the entrance from Botan.

About Uppsala Food-Bank

LivsmeDela is a Student initiativ that aims to reduce food waste through the concept of sharing and community.
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