And we are up and running

After the Study Buddy group had a meeting with Lundellska School two weeks ago, the project could finally begin. During the meeting we discussed our project idea with several teachers of the language department and "Sprint"-classes (for those pupils who newly came to Sweden and have to learn Swedish as soon as possible". They were really happy about our idea and said that the students already have asked for this kind of support and project to happen.
So it was set!

We decided to meet and give tutoring to the students twice a week: on Wednesdays from 16-18 and Thursdays from 15.15-17.15.
During the fall break in the last week of October we had to organize some volunteers for the first two sessions.

We already found a lot of students who are willing to become volunteers but for our very first session (last Wednesday) only one of them had time to come - and actually he cancelled shortly before. So we had to adapt quickly and were still 5 volunteers (4 of our project group and one of SIU) for our first session - and it actually went quite well! We had about 9 students coming to the first session.
After the first tutoring session we decided to always have about 6-7 volunteers so that we are really able to help all pupils in the amount they need it.
Last Thursday (5th of November) we were then 6 volunteers, again 3 from our group, 1 from SIU and two new volunteers. This time there weren't so many students coming but this had to do with organizational difficulties. It just meant we could focus more on the pupils that were there and give them the help they requested.

For the beginning it was a great start and everyone seems happy! The pupils are very grateful for the help they get and it is a lot of fun to work together with them.

We are looking forward to the next weeks!

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