Green Sex Festival

The topic of sexuality and sustainable sex is not part of the common discourse in issues of sustainable development. We, the Green Sexperts, therefore identified this topic as an opportunity to reframe the discussion on sustainability that engages people in a novel way, and offers a new approach to sustainable consumerism and behaviour. In order to engage people in this new dialogue, we decided to hold a "Green Sex Festival"!


The festival aims to target people when they are most human, vulnerable and happy. It aims to engage people in conversations surrounding unsustainable actions, attitudes and consumerism concerning sex, and to provide more sustainable options through discussion and education.

Our objectives at the beginning of our planning phase included to:

  1. Host education workshops/lectures at the festival, centring on health, safety and consent in order to address issues of safe sex and sustainable actions and behaviour.
  2. Host a product fair focusing on sustainably manufactured products (lubricants, condoms, toys) in order to address issues of sustainable conscious consumerism. This represents a crucial objective in order to carry out the Green Sex Festival and will require the engagement of at least one manufacturer to be involved, or ideally sponsor, the festival.
  3. Host relevant performers and artists at the festival to explore the issues of sex and sustainability.
  4. Promote the event via social media in order to encourage attendees to the events and increase event awareness so as to achieve the minimum attendance number.

We began our implementation process by contacting multiple relevant stakeholders including educators, manufacturers, local business owners, professionals and lecturers. Through this process we found a collaborative partner in 456849_379355748755149_2009693572_o.

Our initial inspiration to focus on sustainable products stemmed from a promotion video by German company Einhorn Condoms:

However, our close collaboration with Kondoma Mera! has allowed us to expand on our focus on a product fair, resulting in a shift in prioritisation towards lectures, workshops and a panel discussion! While we still have representatives from manufacturers including RFSU and Tickler Vibes (hosting lectures and product stalls, and participating in our panel discussion), we have also engaged individuals from several other relevant disciplines including a green-minded midwife, a green politician and an environmental engineer among others.

We are now 6 days out from the festival....


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