Power to Change

Power to change is an effort that proves it is easy to switch from conventional energy resources to producing your own energy, as a household, farm or facility. Next to providing examples of succesfull participants that have switched and documenting on several ongoing projects we aim to provide background research that will improve the knowledge on how to successfully become more environmental friendly and responsibly decrease your ecological footprint.


All in all a great goal; but one can ask: why that background information? Even though most efforts of producing renewable energy are surrounded by positive comments, in the last couple of years they have also produced some criticism. For example in the case of solar panels that were accused of actually being harmful to the environment. We try to get behind this criticism and show the reader which ways are most responsible and what to look out for when taking on such a project.


Our specific example projects will show that producing your own energy does not cost you much money, it can actually save you money. Of course these projects will cost some effort and energy itself, but by breaking down the project step by step, we hope to convince readers to change. OF course we are capable to order ‘green’ energy from our energy company, but how great would it be if you actually do not have to pay those bills anymore and be independent from these companies, since you would produce your own energy. Maybe it would be even greater if you can send them a bill, because they buy your left over energy.


So stay tuned, and become more aware about what you can do for the environment!


Hope to see you soon,


Ilona, Karl-Markus, June, Zach, Nick.

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