Mmmh! Good food in Uppsala…

The way food is produced has changed tremendously worldwide
within the last three centuries due to globalisation, industrialisation and an increase in
population. Fewer and fewer people grow their own food or work on their own farms -
industrialised production processes have taken over in the agricultural sector. With the
help of technological inventions food can be produced today cheaply, fast and in a high
quantity. Sounds quite positive actually, if there weren't such things as exploitation of labour, environmental pollution, animals kept in livestocks and land grabbing that are often related to the current agricultural system.

This is why our group  provides a cookbook which should guide students and young families towards sustainable food consumption in Uppsala. The book  shows that getting sustainable food in Uppsala is quite easy and needn't be expensive. And this is how we plan to do it: The first part of the book will explain what sustainable
food actually is and where one can get it in Uppsala (farmers and supermarkets like ICA and Coop), in the second part we will provide recipes with seasonal food (28 in total).

We've finished our research about food and farmers now and have already tried half of the recipes. In the next two weeks we will write the texts for the first part, try the other half of the recipes and discuss the layout.

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