School visits – Fredrika Bremen school


Long time, no updates! We've been working hard on the aquaponics system now, and we are glad to say that it is up and running. We've overcame some obstacles that we had during the building process and now it works just fine!

We had a class (fourth graders) that visits us every wednesday, and at the time, they have been there two times, and we've got two to go. The first time they were there, we had an activity for them to learn the basic english (because they are swedish speaking, and the language can be kind of hard for them). They learned the basic words and parts on the system as well as looking at PH and learning about ecosystems in general.

Second visit, we had a scavanger hunt prepared for the kids. We made clues which they had to find in different places around the Botanical Garden. This was something that they appriciated a lot. Lucky Day! AND, for once, we remembered to take pictures! These will be published soon.

THURSDAY, AT BLÅSENHUS! Every half hour, we will have a tour down to Botaniska to see this amazing system live with your own eyes. Be there! To read more about the event, click here:!/events/185383388250207/

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