Welcome to the Study-Buddy project.


This is our Project:

The mantra of education and the school system in Sweden has for a long time been equality, which is, furthermore manifested in the Swedish education act and the curriculum. In the development plan by the Swedish parliament it is proclaimed that the cornerstone of Swedish education and the school system is cohesiveness and unity. All children and youths are entitled to equivalent education standards and should have the same conditions for school progress.

However as ambitious and democratic as it sounds, unfortunately this is not always the case.  Students with a foreign background are often met by obstacles in school, where they are being evaluated from what knowledge they lack rather being evaluated from what capabilities and strengths they do possess.  Only 20 percent of the newly arrived youths, and youths that have been living in Sweden for the past four years, graduate with a pass in all subjects.

This is where we believe we can make a difference by creating a Study-Buddy group. We will organize a support group, in collaboration with Samarbetsorganisationen för Invandrarföreningar i Uppsala (SIU) for children of immigrants/refugee children, in order to help them with homework or other school related issues they need help with.

So far we have had two meetings with SIU and we will have a meeting this week with Lundellska skolan.

To be continued..

Sophia Eriksson, Cecilia Lindqvist, Sophie Müller,
Caroline Sahlén, Birhanu Woldegiorgis

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Games, games and more games.


After our Monday meeting we decided to play a game that we found in the Cemus library. This game differs quite a lot from the last game we played and it was great research and we got lots new ideas.


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Fun research!


20151009_151715One of the big benefits of doing a board game is the research that comes with it.

Here you can see us playing the game Pandemic, which we all enjoyed and learned from (even though we lost).

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Welcome to our project!


blogbildThis is the group members of Race for planet earth:

Sofia, Camilla, Annabell, Benjamin, Agnes and Johanna.

Out project aims to produce an open source board game about sustainability available for everyone with internet access and who can understand English. We intends to develop an open source board game that is easily accessible to the public. The game will have a wide target audience to everyone with a recommended playing age of 12 years and up.

On this blog you will be able to keep up with what we are doing and be part of our struggles and successes.


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Sad to see it end

11334124_10153458099148706_6393479420544339231_oThe Green Sex Festival was a success!! We had approximately 100 attendees throughout the course of both day and night activities, contributing to a wonderful atmosphere that fostered a place of shared learning, inspiration and dialogue on all things green sex! Following a day of workshops and lectures, complimented with book tables and fika in between, we finished with an informative panel discussion covering topics such as non-hormonal contraception methods and the lack of standards in the sex toy industry.


During the festival we ran a hashtag competition, boosting social media exposure as well as encouraging participation among attendees:


The Sexperts are extremely happy with how things turned out and we're very proud of what we have achieved this semester.

For those Swedish speakers among us, check out the interview conducted just prior to the festival with Kondoma Mera!'s Anneli, and our very own Green Sexpert Fanny!


Due to the interested generated on the day, there are plans for the Green Sex Festival to continue in 2016, to be hosted by Kondoma Mera! We hope that future students get involved and make the festival an annual Uppsala tradition!

The week following the festival, we also took part in the fair at the CEMUS Sustainability Festival held in Blåsenhus. This gave us a further opportunity to promote our work and further entrench interest for a 2.0 festival next year.


Bye for now,

The Green Sexperts!


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Green Sex Festival

The topic of sexuality and sustainable sex is not part of the common discourse in issues of sustainable development. We, the Green Sexperts, therefore identified this topic as an opportunity to reframe the discussion on sustainability that engages people in a novel way, and offers a new approach to sustainable consumerism and behaviour. In order to engage people in this new dialogue, we decided to hold a "Green Sex Festival"!


The festival aims to target people when they are most human, vulnerable and happy. It aims to engage people in conversations surrounding unsustainable actions, attitudes and consumerism concerning sex, and to provide more sustainable options through discussion and education.

Our objectives at the beginning of our planning phase included to:

  1. Host education workshops/lectures at the festival, centring on health, safety and consent in order to address issues of safe sex and sustainable actions and behaviour.
  2. Host a product fair focusing on sustainably manufactured products (lubricants, condoms, toys) in order to address issues of sustainable conscious consumerism. This represents a crucial objective in order to carry out the Green Sex Festival and will require the engagement of at least one manufacturer to be involved, or ideally sponsor, the festival.
  3. Host relevant performers and artists at the festival to explore the issues of sex and sustainability.
  4. Promote the event via social media in order to encourage attendees to the events and increase event awareness so as to achieve the minimum attendance number.

We began our implementation process by contacting multiple relevant stakeholders including educators, manufacturers, local business owners, professionals and lecturers. Through this process we found a collaborative partner in 456849_379355748755149_2009693572_o.

Our initial inspiration to focus on sustainable products stemmed from a promotion video by German company Einhorn Condoms:

However, our close collaboration with Kondoma Mera! has allowed us to expand on our focus on a product fair, resulting in a shift in prioritisation towards lectures, workshops and a panel discussion! While we still have representatives from manufacturers including RFSU and Tickler Vibes (hosting lectures and product stalls, and participating in our panel discussion), we have also engaged individuals from several other relevant disciplines including a green-minded midwife, a green politician and an environmental engineer among others.

We are now 6 days out from the festival....


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Houston, we have a blog!

Welcome to the shiny, new, awesome and incredibly inspiring blog for the Refugee Activity Project- mostly shortened down to the fancy abbreviation “R.A.P.”. Let’s just get through some basics about what our project is about!

The war in Syria probably didn’t escape anyone’s attention. It’s been going on for 4 years, 4 million refugees have fled to other countries and another 7-8 million are “internally displaced persons” (fancy expression for being in flight within your own country), meaning that about half of the population have been forced to leave their homes. About 220 000 people are estimated to have lost their lives (of which about half were civilians), more than the entire population of Uppsala municipality (“kommun”).

So much misery, but is there any way to help at least a few of these refugees? Yes there is!

Once refugees arrive in Sweden, they often end up in refugee homes to wait for asylum and permission to stay. This process can take years. In the home, they have nothing to do. No spare time activities, no school, no work, no books, not even a deck of cards.

This was the situation we found in a refugee home outside Västerås, in the middle of nowhere. The income of these refugees is about 12 SEK per day, a bus ticket (there’s a bus stop 4 km away) to get to and from town is 40 SEK. They don’t have much to wear as many left Syria without anything.

We decided to do something. We decided to host two activity days for these people. We will collect donated clothes, toys, crafting material, sewing machines, fabric, paint, footbals, jigsaws, plant seeds, fertilizer and anything else you could need to do crafting and create a garden. Crafting and sewing is something many people enjoy doing, and gardening brings people together in doing something they enjoy. Many of these people were farmers back home, and growing herbs, flowers, vegetables, or anything brings joy and a purpose that can go on for long. We’re hoping to get a greenhouse donated, or build one together with the refugees. Perhaps we could even get them some bikes.

Together with this, we hope to create an information booklet with information on how to settle and live in Sweden. Where can you get your professional licence validated? Who can you turn to if your application for asylum gets rejected? What rights do you have? This information is available- but not in Arabic. (We have a group member from Syria, Amer, who can translate for us.) We’ll do something about that.

Hopefully, this can set a good example to other refugee homes or those wanting to do similar projects. If it doesn’t, at least we made a difference to some of these people who have been through enough of the bad stuff.

This is our Facebook page, which we plan to update regularly with things like the event we plan to host to collect donated things. If you feel like donating something, you can send us a message through that page or simply post to it! http://www.facebook.com/refugeeactivityproject

All the best! / Amer, Avesta, Emilie, Karolin and Sornimul

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Graffiti time

We sprayed our last graffiti for this semester. The results are really nice! Take a look at the video for a compilation of the work we've done so far 🙂

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Project Fair

image-2 image-4

We are officially all set up for the project fair at Blasenhus! Our board includes information about Ghana, the village we will be helping, information about specific children at the Centre, as well as the advantages of solar power in terms of sustainable development. One of our team members, Malin, has made a wonderful gingerbread home complete with solar panels that we will be auctioning off today! We are really excited to get to tell people about our project and help spread the word about Empowering Ghana. Our surprise for the fair is that we will have a drone flying our logo around Blasenhus to promote our project! Pictures of that are to come!

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Our project is really coming along…


image3-1 With more work progressing at the Family & Development centre in Bobikuma, we are very proud with the direction our project has taken thus far! We have received 56,400 Swedish Krowns in the form of donations from both companies and private individuals. That is over 1/4th of our total goal! We didn't expect to have so many donations so far away from Christmas, because that is when we are expecting the majority of our money to come in. We have designed christmas cards for fundraising in the holiday season and expect to create a lot of funds during that. We have been meeting regularly to prepare for the project fair, and have some really cool surprises in mind to wow over our audience! We're really excited to see where else this project takes us!


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