Prepare for Project Fair 展出準備

Today our group gather in CEMUS and spend whole wonderful afternoon cutting decorations and tip cards out of paper packages or flyers.


It's always great to meet with our group and have this talk brainstorming different ideas.


For example: 1.) Taking showers without using shampoo 2.) People have sex, and it's important to use condoms for effective contraception and STD prevention. However, can we find a solution to the waste contributed by massive condom uses?

例如:1)不使用洗髮精與沫浴乳 2)保險套對避孕及預防性交傳染的疾病很重要,但有沒有其他避孕方式能達到相同效果且大量減少垃圾量呢?






Don't forget to visit the Sustainable Fair from our class next Monday from 10 a.m to 2 p.m in Blåsenhus. Find some easy tips for individuals to make contributions for Sustainable Development.


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