The Meeting!

Early on Friday morning, feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, we arrived at Anna’s apartment to prepare for the meeting with Anna Jones, our main contact with Kvarngärdskolan. Using the process detailed in our previous blog post, we set to work, but not before a traditional Swedish meal of potato pancakes with bacon bits and lingonberry jam!

Realising that there was four of us yet only one person on the receiving end of our presentation, we made sure to keep things quite informal, and not to overload Anna with too much information. So after our delicious breakfast, we cycled to Kvarngärdskolan, just around the corner and were immediately greeted by a playground full of children. I think that this was the moment when the project became real to us, and we were all a bit nervous, but very excited to get the chance to pitch our brainchild that we have been working on over the past months. With the majority of us living in Student Housing, we are somewhat separate from family life so it was refreshing to see children playing and interacting with each other. It really hit home that the project we are trying to introduce could have a lasting impact on these minds that are so ready to learn.

Having sat down in the cosy staff room and introduced ourselves, we gave Anna the details of the project and outlined the Who, What, Where, When and Why’s. It was a great relief that Anna responded excellently to our proposition, she seemed very excited and what we are trying to do fits in perfectly with their curriculum. Anna even suggested some Swedish TV programs that we could watch for inspiration and generally just seemed really in tune with our needs.

We were able to pencil in some provisional dates and left, feeling a bit over-excited and fitting in well with the giggling school children, with the promise of sending over all the necessary information after half term. It was incredibly reassuring to find out that other people have faith in our project and to receive the green light from Anna.

Now the real work needs to start, our pencilled in dates are for the end of November, which is now 3 weeks away. We need to start collecting all possible rubbish (IF ANYONE WANTS TO DONATE THEIR RECYCLING FEEL FREE!!!) and really getting into gear with the lesson planning.

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