HEaD is the brainchild of our group’s efforts in exploring a sustainable development project in schools. Our research has shown us that the subject of Upcycling is new phenomenon in the waste debate.

Upcycling is a greener alternative to recycling where the product is given a new lease of life and re-purposed, unlike recycling which changes the original product often creating an inferior one of less value, but uses energy resources such as heat and electricity.

HEaD is a three-prong approach which seeks to address three elements in the upcycling space. These are:

H – Upcycling in the home

E – Upcycling in the environment


D – Upcycling how we ‘dress’.

Thus our project is an education initiative in a school. We will deliver a one day Upcycling workshop in a school, to three different age groups, each focusing on a different element of upcycling (HEaD). The workshop will last the whole day and will culminate in an exhibition and ‘Trash Fashion Show’.

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