The what;

With the help of Alan AtKissons Sustainable Compass we are going to create an
exhibition trying to illustrate a local/global sustainable problem that requires the society
to make a change in the way we are living to be able to make a change.
The images are supposed to show a red thread of the impact we make by choosing a
less sustainable way of living and that we are not only making decisions where our
environment suffer, but also show how other parts of our society are being affected.
By choosing images that are not viewed upon as a threat or an appeal we are hoping that the visitors feels that they can make a change in their lifestyle without presenting images of hopelessness. We want the visitors to use their problem focused side of themselves.
After visiting the exhibition we are planning to engage the visitors more by using
different exercises that we will present to them afterwards to continue to speak and
think about the whole aspect of a sustainable living.
Draft 1 - Not to be used
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