Children's book / School Project

Visited Schools

Now, we're almost finished! We have written a story (soon to be published here) and gone to two schools Valsätra and Stenhagen, with three different classes. The kids listened to our story, and seemed quite happy with it. Then we had good discussions about what they had heard, questions that came to their minds and how they feel and think about sustainable development. They think a lot!

After this we divided the class in groups, and in each group we discussed further and created a play about a sustainability problem and solution. Really nice plays! Come to the project fair on the 24th to see them recorded!!!

The last thing was that they got a schedule to fill in, getting points for doing sustainable acts, and now they're competing with the other classes. We hope this will make them good change agents for a better world. They seem to be filled with creativity and thoughts and concern of the world.


Sustainable kids

In our project, children will participate in a story that takes them through different aspects of sustainable development. We want to create a space for children to learn about and contribute to sustainable development. As they are the people of tomorrow, it is important that they can contribute.

We are developing a story about a boy and a girl who are not very concerned with sustainability issues. But one day they are brought to the future where they will see and learn about how the world could be affected of non-sustainable action. There will for example be climate refugees and intoxicated water. They will participate in a adventure, helping the future people. Then the story has an open ending, where the children who work with the story will come with own ideas about what we can to in the present. This is a story we are writing that we will take to children aged 10-11 years in schools during about half a day. The children will first see and hear the story and then discuss questions that are connected to it. After this they will play parts of the story themselves in smaller groups. In the end we will together come up with ideas of what they as individuals, a group, and the society as a whole can do to work for sustainable development. We want them also to get a feeling that this is important. When they are participating in the story themselves, we hope they will understand and remember it better and deeper. For the teachers to be able to continue the work we want to provide the classes with schemes where they can collect points for doing good things for the sustainable development. Then they can see that they actually do things.